ZENGROW vertical garden helps to clean indoor air!

​​ZENGROW ZG50 -vertical garden
ZENGROW ZG50 -vertical garden is your natural indoor air purifier. Common houseplants have air cleansing capabilities (VOC) according to major studies. Now it is easy to multiply your air purifying plants in vertical space!

Our vertical garden system is a care free and easy to use indoor garden appliance. Integrated irrigation system will take care of your plants automatically even when you're not at home.

High end materials and a great design allows our system to be easily incorporated into your home. All you need is a power outlet that is close to the unit and to water the unit twice a month. It is that easy!

Technical specifications: 

Height: 2050 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Color: White (powder coated)
Material: Stainless Steel
Vessel: 60L (max. water capacity 50L)
Pump: 250W/230V
Amount of plants: 18 pcs
Pot size: max. 14 cm
Growing method: Bioponical
Growing material: Organic
Manufactured in: Finland
Manufacturer: Greenbeing Ltd.

​Contact us: info@zengrow.com

Clean indoor air from houseplants!​